Choosing The Right Plumbing Fixtures

By Scott Rodgers

Often, the homeowners rely on the plumbers for the purchases of their new plumbing fixtures. Such an attitude may affect the overall expenses of your project. A disloyal plumber would harm the budget of your project while purchasing the plumbing components such as sink, shower head, faucet etc.

Instead of allowing your plumber to make the plumbing purchases, buy the required plumbing components yourself. However, you can allow the plumber to make valuable recommendations for a particular plumbing segment.

Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the plumbing fixtures that you require. Consult your plumber on that front and apprehend whether the components he suggested are actually required or not. Prioritize the primary plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, showers, cisterns etc. in the scheme of things. Check whether the old fixture can still work properly or not.

Tag the fixtures to be bought with the respective design, size and color. Take the measurements of the area where the new fixture is slated to be installed. To derive accurate measurements, take the help of the plumber. He would also guide you with the proportional size of the fixture to be purchased. Mark down the measured dimensions of the opening area for the new component. Write the evaluated figures on the paper against the respective plumbing fixture.

Next, determine the design and the type of the plumbing fixture to be bought. Derive a general idea from the plumber regarding the available options and make appropriate selection. Also, the new plumbing segment should complement the appearance of the existing setup. For example, the faucet should adhere to the color and look of the affiliated sink.

Visit the local hardware store and demand the fixture as per your specifications. Move onto the other stores of the area and let the salespersons suggest a price for the respective purchase. Compare the prices offered by different plumbing stores and choose a suitable one.

Derive any suggestion from the concerned salesperson regarding the building codes of your area. Alternatively, you can ask your plumber to determine the same. Apprehend whether the installation of the purchased plumbing fixture would favor your building code or not.

Once the deal is finalized, make the respective payment and ask the salesperson to deliver the purchased plumbing fixture to your home. Make sure that the product user manual and warranty card is provided in the whole package. - 30517

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Carefully Finding A Plumber

By Bryant Shown

Plumbing is becoming more and more important to offices and houses, and finding a good plumber is critical when the need arises. If anything involving plumbing peaks, it disrupts many of the everyday activities that are done, so problems are usually required to be solved as quickly as possible. However, the emergency nature of plumbing problems does not mean that a person should get the first plumber that is the in phone book. Finding a plumber takes a little more patience and forethought than just looking online or in a phone directory.


There are certain things that a person can do to find a plumber that can handle his problem in an efficient and cost effective manner. One of the first things to do when there is a plumbing issue is to ask friends and neighbors before there is a problem who they use. That way the information is on hand when a problem arises. Even if it is in the midst of a plumbing crisis, it is always best to call friends and neighbors first so that there is more assurance that the plumber will be qualified for the position.

The next thing to do when finding a plumber, as long as the house or office is not rapidly filling with water or sewage, is to get at least three quotes about fixing the problem. Even if it is an extreme emergency situation, plumbing companies are used to that eventuality and will send someone directly to do the estimate. When getting the estimate, ask for every aspect of it to be written down so that the plumber cannot go back on what they said at a later date when asking for payment. That way the person knows what to expect by the end of the project.

The estimate should not only explain cost, but also supplies and the time that it will take to complete the work. This allows the person to determine what plumber is right for them in regards to all aspects of the work. Additionally, asking the plumber what his or her licensing level is can help in finding the right plumber. The beginning level is a Tradesman license, which means the plumber has had at least two years field experience and has passed the state's licensing for that level. A Journeyman's license is next, which means the plumber has had at least four years experience and has passed that level of test. A Master plumber is the highest level, and he has had a least five years experience in the field. - 30517

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Tips On Buying The Basic Plumbing Tools

By Scott Rodgers

The essence of a right set of plumbing tools can't be neglected by the homeowners. A plumbing project deprived of the services of common plumbing tools would turn more daunting and complex. Moreover, the duration of the project would exceed to limits beyond your expectation. Therefore, the basic plumbing tools need to be purchased prior to the commencement of the project.

Hence, it becomes quintessential to complement your project with the correct basic plumbing tools. You can take the help of your plumber or a local salesperson to determine the tools to be purchased. Alternatively, you can surf through the web pages of the Internet to create a list of the basic plumbing tools that you would require.

Visit the local plumbing stores and home improvement stores to inquire about the plumbing tools you want to purchase. Present your point of view to the concerned salesperson and derive any possible recommendation from him.

Initialize the purchasing by making way for a regular steel tubing cutter. Often, the plumbing repairs require the cutting of the affiliated copper pipes. The tubing cutters would provide their services in such areas of the plumbing scenario. Make sure that you choose a high-quality cutter and don't settle for a low-grade tool.

Once the cutters are purchased, look for the other basic plumbing tools such as hammers and screwdrivers. While the screwdrivers handle the screwing operation of the plumbing fixtures, the hammers handle the power jobs comfortably. The screwdrivers are available in a variety of types and sizes. Hence, purchase the selected ones that complement the efficiency of your project. When it comes to the hammer purchase, buy an-all purpose hammer that provides multitasking features.

Along with the basic plumbing tools, some power tools need to be brought in as well. A regular power-drill and a right-angled drill help you immensely during the boring operation. While the standard-sized holes are rendered by the regular drill, the bigger holes are bored by the right-angle power-drill. Also, a simple saw and a power-reciprocating saw are necessary in the regular scheme of things.

There are certain additional equipments that help you in carrying out a particular plumbing operation under safe conditions. These include the equipments such as a propane torch, a hand-held flaming tool, soldering iron, acid-core solder, paste flux solution and a pair of goggles.

Don't forget to purchase the pliers and the pipe wrenches in a variety of sizes. - 30517

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Tips For Using A Compression Fitting

By Scott Rodgers

Compression fitting is a type of coupling that is used to connect two pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve. Generally compression fittings are user-friendly, but if you do not follow some precautions then you could easily end up with a leaky connection.

In compression fitting you will get 3 parts, a cap-shaped compression nut, the compression ring and the compression seat. When you need to make a connection using this compression fitting, screw together the cap shaped nut and compression seat. In this way, ring is properly grasped by nut, seat and the pipe that you are connecting.

Normally compression fittings are used with a metal pipe. While connecting the fitting to any metal pipe, screw it tightly so that the ring makes a tight connection with the tube. While attaching this fitting, tube is also packed well with the fitting. When these fittings are used for a plastic tube, a metal tube sleeve should also be put to strengthen the connection.

Solid brass compression fittings are usually found to be costly but they last long. On the other hand, copper compression fittings are cheap to buy.

Compression fittings can be used for doing any kind of connection like at some places soldering torch or heating devices can not be used to do the connection, but you can use the compression fitting. Also if you want a temporary connection, you can use compression fitting as it can be easily removed.

For these fittings you don't need to spend much money and you can easily get these fittings in market. These fittings are not disturbed by high pressure or any of the poisonous gas. These pipes can be easily attached as they don't need soldering.

While counting the disadvantages of this fitting, the feature that tops the list is that it is not robust in nature. The connection done using this fitting should not be disturbed as little movement in pipe could result into a leakage.

Lastly, it is not a good idea to reuse compression fittings as after one time use, they create a connection along their own concentric shape. Due to this, the connection will not be strong as earlier. Therefore it is suggested to replace it with new one. - 30517

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The Requirements Of Journeyman

By Kate Harris

For everyone, choosing on a career is very difficult because there are too many choices. Your career is going to be something that you are going to be working at for the rest of your life, and so of course you want to choose a career that you are not going to grow bored with and which is going to be enough financially as well.

So you are interested in becoming a plumber but you are not sure of where to go. There are quite a few different plumbing companies that you will want to take into consideration and think of applying to here, and the Journeyman Plumbing Company is certainly one of the very best.

Before you can apply to the Journeyman Company however, you are going to want to be aware of what the Journeyman plumber requirements are, and they will be discussed here.


Education is important if you want to learn about the Journeyman plumber requirements. You will have to have your high school diploma, but you can generally have your high school equivalency as well and this will be okay. They want to make sure that you have as much education as possible, and you should have gone on to college or university after high school to get a plumber's certificate.

This is not always one of the definite Journeyman plumber requirements, so you will really need to speak to the potential employer in your area and see what they have to say about this.


Another of the important Journeyman plumber requirements is experience. You should have at least a bit of experience, but again this is not always one of the definite Journeyman plumber requirements, and will vary depending on the particular Journeyman center that you are applying to.


A great idea, after high school is to get an internship. This way you are getting education and experience at the same time, and will feel much more comfortable once you are finally ready to get an actual job. This way everything is not going to be new and you will be familiar with the way that everything works.

There are lots of different plumbing and similar companies that will allow you to come in for an internship, however you may have to go through your school to get the internship. Generally, schools will offer you extra credit if you are going through for an internship and so this is another benefit that you will want to be aware of. - 30517

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How To Replace A PVC Valve ?

By Scott Rodgers

Easy installation and lighter weight has made PVC piping a popular source of bathroom and kitchen plumbing. In order to join the pipes for application that require larger pipe lengths, cement or special adhesive are used. Since it is not possible to reuse the pipe once fitted with the cement, one needs to replace them when required.

To replace any section of the PVC pipe including the PVC valve, one needs to cut apart the pipe and the replaced pipe is attached using couplings and connectors.

Let us discuss some steps one should consider while replacing a PVC valve. In order to work on any pipe length that is already placed, you need to first shut off the water supply to that pipe. Also, gather two couplings, a connector and the PVC valve that is needed to be replaced. Properly measure and mark the pipe length and the rest of the items you will be accommodating with the valve

Next, slowly trim the pipe from the marked place. Also, file the edges of the leftover pipe to make it smooth and even. Moreover, it is better to roughly assemble all the couplings, connectors and the valve before applying any glue or solvent.

Now, measure the total length of the PVC valve and deduct the length of two slip joints located on the couplings. This is the final PVC valve length. Subtract this PVC valve length from the total length between the two couplings. The remaining distance is divided for each cut length of the pipe connectors.

The most important step is to make the measurements of the valve and coupling lengths. For this, firstly measure the original dimension of the valve and decrease that of the slip joints from that. The resultant is the final length of the valve. Deduct this length from the couplings length. You are now left with the place to accommodate the connectors, one on each side.

Brush away all the build- ups and the dirt from the inside and outside of the joints made in all the components. Lay on some cement or the binding solvent so as to adhere the couplings and the connectors permanently.

No doubt, replacing a PVC valve is not a child's play, even then a little knowledge of the plumbing can help the homeowners to carry out the project themselves. - 30517

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Difference Between A Plumbing Contractor And A Plumber

By Scott Rodgers

Many people have a misconception that plumber and a plumbing contractor are same. But it's a wrong thinking as their work is entirely different. Plumbing contractors are senior to plumbers and solve all the big plumbing issues. However, plumbers help in solving small plumbing problems.

A plumber is called to solve problem like faucet leakage, sink installation, drain blockage, frozen pipes, bathtub installation, toilet repair and many more.

When it comes to major plumbing problems, certified plumbing contractors must be your choice. Problems such as replacement of septic tanks, installation of whole piping in the house and other such big problems are handled by a plumbing contractor. They know the way to solve the problem efficiently in the first go.

Sometimes, a smaller plumbing company is leaded by a certified plumbing contractor. When you suffer from major plumbing problems, you shouldn't depend on your local plumber to fix the problem rather you should look for a good plumbing firm as they have proper tools and man power to do the job fast and effectively.

If you think that you can handover the task of a plumbing contractor to a plumber to save money then you can't do it. Plumbing contractors have got a special training and a normal plumber does not go through any such training. This creates a huge difference in the kind of work that can be offered to them.

Gas connections, flues for heating systems, installation of water heating units and installation as well as maintenance of safety devices like gas control valves, water conditioning equipment, back flow prevention equipment and gas earthquake valves are some complex tasks that a plumbing contractor can easily do. A normal plumber can't do all these things.

At last, when you decide to call an expert to help you in solving your problem, you need to be wise in choosing one. Because the decision can either solve all your problems or can put you in more trouble.

Huge amount is involved in all such projects, so you need to be very smart in deciding your choice. Do proper background checks of the person or firm you are choosing so that you don't have to repent on your decision later on. Moreover, confirm their past work performance and working charges from any reliable source. - 30517

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