How To Keep Your Drains Clean Using Drain Cleaner ?

By Scott Rodgers

Drain cleaner is basically used to unclog the sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and showers. It is a corrosive chemical like a strong acid or base which helps in softening the clog. It is mostly used when a plunger fails to solve the issue.

Drain cleaner if not used carefully may cause damage to the skin. It can lead to serious respiratory problems and may even damage lungs and eyes. Therefore, it is very important to follow the manufacturer's specifications.

With very strong corrosive properties, drain cleaners are one of the most hazardous household products sold to the public today. Care needs to be taken, as well as ensure that different types of drain cleaners are not mixed in the drain.

Normally four kinds of drain cleaners are available in the market today. A very common type is- liquid solutions which contains sodium hydrochloride, sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide having 3% to 40% concentration. This liquid solution is mostly used to melt grease and hair clogs.

The second type of chemical drain cleaner contains solid granules or crystals of sodium or potassium hydroxide. These are also used to unclog the drain which is trapped with hair and grease kind of materials. It often has an aluminum chip that reacts with water in the drain to generate heat.

Next cleaning agent is a liquid solution containing bacteria and enzymes that slowly eat away the clogged matter on the pipes which was causing the blockage.

The fourth type of cleaner is also a liquid solutions that contains around 93-95 percent sulfuric acid. This type of liquid solution can be very risky if not used properly as these can produce alot of heat which can cause the water in the drain to boil and can also lead to an explosion. It is very a very strong and effective drain cleaner which can remove clogs like paper, rags etc. This liquid solution is mostly meant for professional plumbers only.

These chemical substances must be used with great care. Manufactures suggest that they should be used with gloves and goggles. Lastly, keep such products away from children. - 30517

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